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Hollywood Reporter:
First Look at “This Way to Egress”

November 4th, 2017

Elizabeth Reaser in “This Way to Egress”
Photo by Michael Moriatis

This is Helen from “This Way to Egress.” She’s out to get her kids back. If you’re a monster … you’d best get out of her way.

The image above (featuring Elizabeth Reaser as Helen) has just been released as part of a “First Look” exclusive from The Hollywood Reporter. You can see more images and read the complete article at Mickey Rourke Serves the Scares in Cinelou’s Horror Anthology ‘Nightmare Cinema.’

More updates coming soon!

Connolly Brothers: July 7th @ Riley’s

July 3rd, 2017

Brother Mark is in town from Colorado, I’m back from L.A., and now will be getting together at Riley’s Pour House on Friday, July 7. We’ll start at 8:00 and won’t stop until midnight.  Longtime bandmate Duane Davis will also be on hand to back us up on bass.

Special surprise guests? Absolutely, but you’ll need to be there to find out who.

Riley’s is located at 215 East Main Street in Carnegie. If you’re anywhere near there, plan to stop in and find out why the family that plays together stays together.

Audio (below): Vintage Connolly Brothers recorded in 1977. Copyright © 1977-2014 by Lawrence C. Connolly.

Image:  Yep, that’s us, circa 1974. We haven’t changed.


Flash Fiction @ Sewickley Public Library

June 16th, 2016

flash fictionThis Friday, June 17, I’ll be taking a break from working on the new book to drop by the Sewickley Public Library, where I’ve been invited to talk about one of my favorite subjects–flash fiction.

It’s a presentation that I’ve given before at various workshops and conferences, and I’m looking forward to dusting it off and giving it again. It’s always a good time.

The talk starts at 10:30 AM. If you’re in the area, I’ll hope to see you there. Either way, you can get a preview at this vintage post from Oct. 2013. Scop on!


November 7th, 2015

Traumatic Descent

This Way to Egress, a script that I’ve co-written with David Slade (Hannibal, 30 Days of Night), goes into production early next year. It’s based on my short story “Traumatic Descent.”

Yes, I’m jazzed about this.

Read more at Daily Dead and The 21st-Century Scop.