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August 2nd, 2011
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August 4 – 7

GenCon Writer’s Symposium
Indianapolis Convention Center
Indianapolis, Indiana

Thursday Aug 4

10:00 am – Plot a Novel in One Hour
You can do it! Devise a storyline that’ll take your cast of characters from prologue to epilogue and do it in just one hour! We’ll show you how, in a mere hour, you can come up with a rich plot that you can flesh out into an outline and then a novel.

11:00 am – To Plot or Not
Is it better to write by the proverbial seat of your pants or to painstakingly outline each chapter? Both approaches to writing novels, short stories, and game material work, but is one method better? Our panelists discuss the pros and cons of plotting in advance.

4:00 pm – Pick Our Brains
We’ve written short stories, novels, roleplaying game material, comic books, and more. Now, we’re ready to share our publishing secrets with you! You lead the discussion in this “anything goes” panel. Come pick our brains . . . if you dare!

Friday Aug 5

10:00 am – Urban Fantasy
The genre’s still hot, and bookstores continue to make shelf space for sky rise-dwelling vampires, private detective zombies, and Manhattanite trolls. Our panelists discuss what elements make a fantasy urban, the market for it, and tips for finding your way inside.

11:00 am – Make ‘Em Squirm
Bubonic Plague? That good ol’ Spanish Inquisition? Parasites, gruesome deaths, depravity, torture, pandemics, psychopaths, cannibalistic cults . . . and those are just for starters. Our panelists discuss plot devices intended to make readers squirm. Just how uncomfortable can you make it to turn the pages? Are there lines you shouldn’t cross? Is anything off limits?

Saturday Aug 6

1:00 pm – Make it Steamy (Steampunk)
Some say it’s what the future would look like if it had come along earlier . . . say, in the Victorian era. Steampunk has been around for quite some time, but it’s risen in popularity over the past few years. Our panelists look at the genre and discuss how to get published in it.

4:00 pm – Trends in Terror
What’s the hottest thing going “bump in the night” right now? Are vampires still in? Are zombies taking over the urban landscape? What sort of creepies are crawling their way onto tomorrow’s bookstore shelves? And how can you find a piece of the action?

5:00 pm – Reading
Lawrence Connolly and Kelly Swails offer up a feast for the mind as they read from their latest works. Stop by before heading off to dinner—or bring your dinner with you—and enjoy some of the best entertainment at Gen Con.

Sunday Aug 7

10:00 am – Pub-Pourri
Did you miss a topic or two during the four days of Gen Con? Or maybe you still have a burning question regarding character development, crafting a magic system, complicating a plot, or approaching an editor. We’re here to stir your imaginations and answer as many questions as our brains will allow.

11:00 am – Genres—what are they and how do you mix ‘em?
Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Romance, Paranormal, Horror . . . etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. What defines a “genre?” Which ones offer the best opportunities for finding yourself in print? And when—and how—is it okay to mix them?

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