The 21st-Century Scop in French?
Sacré bleu!

May 16th, 2015

couver10Sacré bleu!

A new French translation of one of my growing-up-in-Levittown stories will soon appear in the French anthology Ténèbres 2015, edited by Benoît Domis and published by Dreampress.

The story, which originally appeared in Twilight Zone Magazine back in 1982, and has since been reprinted in Year’s Best Horror: Series XII and my collection This Way to Egress, is set on the outskirts of Philadelphia during the 1960’s. The story features a few vintage Americanisms, not the last of which is its title, “Mrs. Halfbooger’s Basement,” which has been translated for this book as “La cave de Mme Morveburger.”

I’ll have to wait to get my contributor’s copy to see how the other Americanisms came out, things like “creepo!” and “boogerface” – all the endearing terms that mid-20th century kids used on one another back in my salad days.

masks ivThe book also contains a tale by American writer Mort Castle. The TOC lists his story as “Le spot de la mort,” which in English would be “The Spot of Death” or more likely “The Mark of Death.” I’m familiar with much of Castle’s work, but this title seems new to me. All the more reason to look forward to getting the book.

Correction: I just heard from Benoît Domis, who writes, “Mort Castle’s story is listed as “L’amour, la haine et la mer d’ordures, si belle” (not “Le spot de la mort”) and it’s the translation of “Love, Hate, and the Beautiful Junkyard Sea,” a story first published in Masque IV. ”

The story “Le spot de la mort” is by Phil Becker. It’s all listed correctly on the Dreampress website. Thanks for the correction, Benoît.

Ténèbres 2015 is currently available for pre-order at and will (I trust) be available soon from I’m hoping to receive my copy tout de suite.

Right now, I have to run. I’m due back at Pennwriters, which is proving to be an enjoyable and productive conference.

Until next time . . . histoire sur!

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