The 21st-Century Scop in French?
Sacré bleu!

May 16th, 2015
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couver10Sacré bleu!

A new French translation of one of my growing-up-in-Levittown stories will soon appear in the French anthology Ténèbres 2015, edited by Benoît Domis and published by Dreampress.

The story, which originally appeared in Twilight Zone Magazine back in 1982, and has since been reprinted in Year’s Best Horror: Series XII and my collection This Way to Egress, is set on the outskirts of Philadelphia during the 1960’s. The story features a few vintage Americanisms, not the last of which is its title, “Mrs. Halfbooger’s Basement,” which has been translated for this book as “La cave de Mme Morveburger.”

I’ll have to wait to get my contributor’s copy to see how the other Americanisms came out, things like “creepo!” and . . . .

[Read more at The 21st-Century Scop.]

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