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Nightmare Cinema & This Way to Egress

July 14th, 2018
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This Way to Egress by Lawrence C. ConnollyI’m heading out to catch a flight, preparing to face what everyone in Montreal is describing as nightmarish traffic – road closures and construction between downtown and the airport. So … while I’m experiencing nightmare traffic, I’ll leave you with some links to the latest reviews on Nightmare Cinema and “This Way to Egress.”

It’s gratifying to see my collaboration with David Slade receiving such positive notice.

I also have some thoughts to share regarding another anthology film that played here at Fantasia. Tales from the Hood 2 from filmmakers Rusty Cundieff and Darin Scott is a topical mix of dark comedy and thought-provoking horror. I can’t recommend it enough, but I will try … [read more at The 21st-Century Scop].

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