Opening Week: Bring on the Nightmares

June 23rd, 2019
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We have arrived!

The anthology project that Producer-Director Mick Garris first envisioned when his ground-breaking series Masters of Horror concluded its run in 2007, is now playing on big screens across the country and on home screens via VOD (where it is currently closing on Jordan Peele’s top-ranked Us.

Also of note (for me and for those of you following this blog), the segment titled “This Way to Egress” (which David Slade, Charly Cantor, and I began developing in 2000) is finally a reality. It may be a shorter version of the feature we envisioned 19 years ago, but the results are nonetheless gratifying.

Go to The 21st-Centruy Scop for a sampling of the critical responses that have appeared in the press in the past couple days.

At left, the cast and crew of Nightmare Cinema gather at The Hayworth Theatre.

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