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Prosody with Ellen Wadey
Host Ellen Wades interviews Lawrence C. Connolly on the NPR-affiliate program about poets and writers.
First broadcast in November 2008.

Writer’s Talk with Doug Dangler
Host Doug Dangler (doing what may be the world’s most bizarre impression of Igor) interviews Lawrence C. Connolly on this special Halloween edition of Writer’s Talk.
First broadcast in November 2009.

The Funky Werepig Show
Host Greg Hall conducts his first of two interviews with Lawrence C. Connolly.
First podcast in July 2009

The Funky Werepig Show 
Host Greg Hall conducts his second of two interviews with Lawrence C. Connolly.
First podcast in July 2010


Print Interviews

Film Daddy: A Chat with Lawrence C. Connolly
An interview conducted at Grimmfest, in advance of the U.K. Premiere of Nightmare Cinema, in Manchester October 6, 2018. 

The Long Game: On Adapting “This Way to Egress”:
Interview by Christina Sheledeha for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Pontifications of Maurice Broaddus:
Interview with Lawrence C. Connolly.

“Dark Arts and Crafts” by Matt Betts:
Interview with Lawrence C. Connolly (page 8-9).

“Scare Tactics” by Dawn Stanton:
Interviews with Lawrence C. Connolly,
John Alfred Taylor, and Michael A. Arnzen.

“Tolkein Points” by Ken Chiacchia:
Interviews with Lawrence C. Connolly
and Mary Soon Lee.

“On Writing Horror” by Ann Cecil:
Transcript of a panel discussion with
Lawrence C. Connolly, Lee Howard, Robert Martin, and Dawn Martin.