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Talking Frankenstein

October 21st, 2021

“You’re going to see and feel the essence of who this man was.”  

– Director Art DeConciliis discussing Prime Stage’s upcoming production of Karloff: The Man and the Monster.

In an earlier post, I mentioned how actor Boris Karloff—the man who gave us cinema’s iconic performance as the Frankenstein creature—worked for years as a baggage handler, ditch digger, and delivery man before getting his big break in James Whale’s film adaptation of Mary Shelley’s novel. And earlier this month, Prime Stage Theatre offered more insights into the actor’s life and career in a virtual conversation titled Beyond Imagination. Folks who logged into that live discussion got to take part in a deep dive into the lives of both Karloff and Shelley. But those who missed the virtual event can still catch a recording of it here.

[Above: Poster art created by Connie Brinda for Prime Stage Theatre’s upcoming Karloff: The Man and the Monster.]

In addition to sharing insights into the lives of the artists who helped shape modern horror and science fiction, the conversation also offers previews of Prime Stage Theatre’s upcoming production of Karloff: The Man and the Monster, which opens next month; and Frankenstein, which will follow in Prime Stage’s 2022-23 season.

Moreover, those who attend the Karloff opening on Saturday, November 6, will get the chance to join the conversation as it continues in a post-show discussion with director Art DiConcillis and me. Reserve your tickets here.

One of the points we’re likely to discuss on opening night is one that Art touched on during our virtual conversation, where he expressed surprise at learning how many people today do not know who Karloff is despite being aware of his portrayal of the creature.

And that’s a point you’ll also find under discussion in the latest installment of Prime Stage Mystery Theatre, where we share some responses to the question: Where did you first encounter Frankenstein? Not surprisingly, Boris Karloff figures prominently in some of those recollections, as you will hear by clicking the player below. I’ll meet you there!

[Above: Prime Stage Theatre’s Producing Artistic Director Wayne Brinda, the 21st Century Scop, and Director Art DiConcillis discuss Karloff and Shelley in the virtual discussion Beyond Imagination.