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  • A Monster of a Mix Up:
    The Strange Case of Creepy No. 10

    Today we continue unpacking some of the titles mentioned during my conversation with Brentley Palmer and Nicholas Schwartz in the Frankenstein installment of their Horror Drafts podcast. if you haven’t listened to that discussion, you can find it here. As for the previous blog posts in this series, you can find them here and here. …

  • Not Your Universal Monster:
    The Hammer Frankenstein Series

    It’s alive! Out of the lab and in your earbuds, the latest episode of the Horror Drafts podcast featuring a two-hour discussion of all things Frankenstein is available now. Here’s the description from the podcast site: This week we are joined by author, screenwriter, playwright, podcaster, and all-around Frankenstein expert Lawrence C. Connolly to draft…