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Unleashing 100 Years of Nightmares

June 1st, 2019

I’m the projectionist, curator of 100 years of nightmares trapped in a silver screen that never forgets.

— Mickey Rourke as the Projectionist.

This month, the new anthology film Nightmare Cinema concludes its successful run on the international festival circuit to open in select theatres around the country.

The film releases on June 21, just a few weeks shy of the anniversary of the film’s packed-house premiere at the Fantasia International Film Festival, and since Cranked-Up Films has arranged for a run on AMC’s Shudder platform a month later, everyone will soon get the chance to see what has been called one of the year’s most anticipated horror films.

The release schedule begins with an advance cast-and-crew event at the Hayworth Theatre on Wilshire Boulevard. The evening will feature a 10:00 PM screening of the film followed by Q&As with directors Mick Garris, Joe Dante, Alejandro Brugues and Ryûhei Kitamura. Two days later, the same directors are scheduled to appear at the Frida Cinema in Santa Anna for screening sponsored by Horror Buzz. Advance tickets for this event are on sale now.

To promote the film’s release, Cranked Up has been offering some exclusive clips from the film. One is from the segment titled “Mashit,” written by Mexican best-selling author Sandra Becerril and directed by Ryûhei Kitamura (Godzilla Wars, Midnight Meat Train, Downrange). It stars Emmy-Award winner Maurice Benard and features the demon pictured in the poster on the right.

Available exclusively at, the “Mashit” clip featured action that takes place right before the segment’s climax as a gang of possessed children corner Father Benedict (Maurice Bernard) and Sister Patricia (Mariela Garriga) on the altar of a church. The scene features one of the film’s many existing locations that were dressed and transformed into nightmarish sets by production designer Lauren Fitzsimmons. You can view the clip by visiting the Deadline website, accessible by clicking the image at the bottom of this page.

Another exclusive preview features a section from “This Way to Egress,” from a script that I co-wrote with director David Slade,  based on my original story “Traumatic Descent.” “Egress” stars Elizabeth Reaser (The Haunting of Hill House) and features Mitch, the creepy janitor in the poster on the left.

Like the “Mashit” clip, the “Egress” preview shows off some the film’s amazing sets. Kudos again to Lauren Fitzsimmons and her crew for transforming the interiors of ordinary office buildings into a world of nightmares. The Dread Central website and preview is accessible by clicking the player image below.

So here you go. “That’s “Mashit” on the left; “Egress” on the right. Enjoy!

Nightmare Cinema at Irish Film Institute

October 27th, 2018

Nightmare Cinema screened last night before a packed house at the Irish Film Institute. The event included a Q&A session with producer Mick Garris, who will also be screening his earlier hits Critters 2 and Sleepwalkers at the festival.

Next month, Nightmare Cinema returns to England for a screening in Leeds on November 9, then travels to Melbourne for an Australian premiere at Cinema Nova on November 23. After that, it returns north for two screening at The New York City Horror Film Festival on November 29.

Above: Mick Garris at IFI. Left: A full-house gathers in advance of Nightmare Cinema‘s Ireland premiere.

Clearly, Nightmare Cinema continues to be well received. Here’s a sampling of some of the latest reviews, many of which have singled out our “This Way to Egress” segment as one of the film’s standout episodes:

“This Way to Egress” [is] by far the slickest of the five in terms of production value. Shot in crisp black and white, as with his recent Black Mirror episode, Slade’s segment mines nightmarish, surreal imagery as a woman (Elizabeth Reaser) suffering depression finds herself in a bizarre form of purgatory. — “IFI Horrorthon 2018 – NIGHTMARE CINEMA,” Eric Hillis. The Movie Waffler.

A highlight is David Slade’s surreal black and white offering, “This Way to Egress” – a hideously realised Silent Hill-esque metaphor for mental health. Unshackled from the thematic limits of mainstream horror cinema, it is a treat for the seasoned horror fan. —  “Mayhem Film Festival 2018 – Nightmare Cinema,” Gemma Finch. Leftlion.

“This Way to Egress” combines the monochrome industrial landscapes of David Lynch with the body horror of David Cronenberg and Roman Polanski’s vision of mental illness — “Review Sitges 51 – Nightmare Cinema,” William Maga. Il Cineocchio.

It’s good to see the film connecting so well with its intended audience.

Above right: Figures conspire behind frosted glass on one of the nightmarish sets created by Lauren Fitzsimmons. 

Above left: Elizabeth Reaser in her riveting performance as Helen, desperate to find a way out of a deepening nightmare.

So when does the rest of the world get to share our nightmares? Soon. I have it on good authority that an announcement regarding the release is imminent. When that news breaks, I’ll be sure to report it here. For now, I’ll leave you with a new video interview recorded this week at IFI featuring Mick Garris on the dream that became Nightmare Cinema.

Here's Mr Mick Garris giving the lowdown on Nightmare Cinema. More to come with his interview from 20.20 this evening!

Posted by Irish Film Institute (IFI) on Friday, October 26, 2018