Tag: Haunted Theatres

  • Investigating a Playhouse Ghost:
    What is the Sound of One Ghost Clapping?

    The story behind a real-life theatre mystery. This month’s five-act installment of Prime Stage Mystery Theatre picks up where our previous story left off, with mysterious sounds emanating from somewhere in a theatre building. But before diving into this new mystery, I had the chance to meet with writer and martial arts enthusiast Michael Brendan…

  • This Week on Mystery Theatre:
    Ghosts & Stories

    In response to last week’s post “The Most Haunted Place in Pittsburgh,” Facebook friend Michael Brendan informs us that his father actually had an encounter with a Playhouse ghost. “It was John,” Michael writes, referring to the ghost of deceased thespian John Johns. “Dad saw him once in the seats after a show had ended.…

  • This Week on Mystery Theatre:
    The Most Haunted Place in Pittsburgh

    For two weeks running, audiences who attended Prime Stage Theatre’s production of Frankenstein witnessed a haunting at the New Hazlett Theatre. Of course, it was part of the performance, with actor Suzanne Ward appearing as the white-clad spirit of Victor Frankenstein’s mother. <<< The ghost of Caroline Frankenstein haunts her son’s laboratory in Prime Stage’s…