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Mind Games @ Riley’s

August 22nd, 2015

MG DateSometimes the stars align.

On the last Tuesday or every month, Story Night takes the stage at Riley’s Pour House, featuring storytellers and performers celebrating the art of story.

This month’s theme: Mind Games.

Every year, The Throughline Theatre features the works of new, up-and-coming playwrights as part of their regular season at the Grey Box Theatre in Lawrenceville.

gotmThis year’s play: Games of the Mind by F. J. Harland.

The play opens September 11, but you can get a preview when members of The Throughline Theatre join the storytelling roster at Riley’s, sharing stories and highlights from the play.

Directed by Allison Weakland, the play centers on a scrimmage team from a Catholic high school who achieve victory under the leadership of a cruel and enigmatic nun. Sounds like my kind of play.

tentIf you have a story about high school, sports victories, enigmatic nuns, or anything else falling under the mind-games theme (or if you simply want to order a pint and listen to the tales), we hope you’ll join us August 25 at 8:00PM. The event will be held on Riley’s Garden stage. There’s never a cover, and it’s always a craicing good time.

Scop on!

Etching by M.C. Escher.
Throughline Theatre art for  Games of the Mind by F.J. Harland.
The Garden Tent at Riley’s Pour House.