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Binge Reading: The Veins-Cycle Challenge

January 31st, 2015

The veins cycle tight (2)Last week, when Google Play announced that they were reducing the prices on all three Veins Cycle Books, I posted the following comment on the Fantasist Enterprises Facebook page:

I’d love to hear from someone who dives in and reads (or re-reads) the entire cycle straight through, letting the central narrative unfold in real time.

Well, yesterday I heard from one such reader.

Turns out it’sPaul Genesse, author the Iron Dragon Series. And not only did he read them all over a 24 hour period, but he lived to blog about the experience. Here’s what he has to say:

 Veins_I read Veins by Lawrence C. Connolly and loved it. I read the whole novel on my Kindle in one sitting starting on a Saturday morning, then immediately read the second book, Vipers, finishing it late that night. I read the third book, Vortex all day Sunday and finished reading it in the late afternoon. I’m fairly addicted to Facebook and I barely even checked it all weekend.

You can read the rest of Paul Genesse’s review here as well as a follow-up interview that he did with me here.

And now I’m wondering who else out there might take the Veins-Cycle Challenge by reading these books in real time.

VIPERS_coverVeins starts at 10:00 on a Sunday night. Vipers picks up before dawn the following day. And Vortex rides the later afternoon and evening, finally ending at 10:00 pm the following night. Given their length, they should be readable in about a day, even if you take time off to eat, sleep, and walk the cat. If you try it, I’d love to hear from you.

And if you’re thinking of picking up the books, you’ll be happy to know that all three are still priced below $2.00 each, with Vortex (which has made the Preliminary Ballot for the Bram Stoker Award) still selling for .99 across all platforms. It’s a great time to pick up all three, but you’ll want to hurry. Fantasist Enterprises tells me that the prices will soon be going back to the SRP.

Vortex-CoverBetter yet, if you’re interested in picking up the books for free and getting some change back in the bargain, you might consider entering what Fantasist is calling the I-Am-Axle Sweepstakes, which could win you a $25.00 Amazon Gift Card — more than enough to purchase all three Veins Cycle books and still have  cash left to spend on whatever.

In all, there’s never been a better time for opening Veins.

I have a few more blog posts waiting in the wings, so be sure to check back here in a day or two, when I hope to have some pictures and audio of last week’s Story Night @ Riley’s Pour House. Until then, consider taking the Veins-Cycle binge-reading challenge . . . and scop on!

Image Credits: Veins, cover at by Star E. Olson; Vipers, cover art by Gerasimos Kolokas; Vortex, cover art by Rhonda Libbey.

What’s Axle’s Buried Secret?
Answer to Win an Amazon Gift Card

January 25th, 2015

Vortex CoverThe good people at Fantasist Enterprises, publishers of the Veins Cycle books, are interested in buried secrets.

They’re also interested in giving away a $25.00 Amazon Gift Card.

Here are the details.

First the set up:

Vortex: Book Three of the Veins Cycle opens with a boy burying something beneath his house. He thinks he is alone, that no one sees him.

But someone does.

The man he will become watches from the shadows of a dream, looking on as the child tries disposing of something the man has spent a lifetime forgetting. It’s an important secret . . . and in many ways it is part of who and what the adult has become.

Axle from VEINS by Lawrence C ConnollySuch is sometimes the case with childhood secrets. We may not remember them. Indeed, in some cases, they may be associated with things we do not want to remember. Yet they remain part of us.

So here’s the challenge: Fantasist Enterprises would like you to visit their I-Am-Axle Sweepstakes page and speculate on what terrible thing Axle (the Veins Cycle protagonist) watches his childhood self bury in the opening pages of Vortex. (Fantasist even provides a free excerpt of the book so that you can see everything the adult Axle sees.)

Now here’s the thing. Fantasist is not asking you to spill the beans on some ancient and terrible secret you yourself have kept locked away. That’s your baggage. Instead, they’d like to you imagine — based on the details provided in the opening chapter (and possibly in the earlier books Veins and Vipers) — what it is it the young Axle might be trying to hide.

StokerIf you’re a writer, consider this a writing prompt (the sort of challenge that horror writer Michael A. Arnzen calls an Instigation). Who knows, you could come away with a $25.00 Amazon Gift Card.

 Be creative . . . and have fun!

And oh, by the way, did you hear the big news?

Vortex has made the Preliminary Ballot for the Bram Stoker Award, and to celebrate Fantasist is offering all of Veins Cycle books for .99 at all major retailers, including Amazon and the FE Website. Those are 1960’s prices folks. Who says time travel’s impossible.

Image Credits:
Vortex. Cover art by Rhonda Libbey.
Axle (from Veins). Illustration by Star Olson.
Bram Stoker Award. Design by Gahan Wilson.