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This Week on Mystery Theatre:
Another Door, Another Time-Travel Story

March 24th, 2022

Which classic time-travel device would you use to escape the clock room in Prime Stage Mystery Theatre’s “Time is Out of Joint”? Find out in today’s installment, which also features some time-travel recommendations from folks active in the field of science fiction, mystery, fantasy, and horror. You can hear it all by clicking here or by activating the player below.

<<< The time-travel vehicle from The Time Machine as illustrated by Frank R. Paul for Amazing Stories, February, 1927.

As with all of our episodes, this one ends with a prompt that asks listeners to suggest what might happen in the next installment. This time, we’re asking you to suggest which of the nine remaining classic works of science fiction you would like to see explored in the final act of Season Four.

A complete list of the time-travel classics covered in “Time is Out of Joint” can be found in Season 4, Episode 1, or in the blog post “Solving the Mystery of the Clock Room.”

Also, if you have any suggestions about what surprises we might find waiting for us when our story resumes on April 1, please share those as well

Comments may be submitted via the Prime Stage Theatre contact page.

And now … on with the show!

Prime Stage Mystery Theatre Presents:
A Time-Travel-Classics Mystery

March 3rd, 2022

What is your favorite time-travel story?

This month’s audio tale at Prime Stage Mystery Theatre centers on a dozen time travel classics, including some of the genre’s best-known science-fiction titles (The Time Machine, Back to the Future, A Wrinkle in Time), a few that lie on the edge of the genre (A Connecticut Yankee, A Christmas Carol, and Slaughterhouse Five), and at least one that you’ve likely never heard of before (The Whenever War).

Titled “Time is Out of Joint,” our new puzzle story presents these works as clues to a mystery that you can help solve. And doing so is as easy as clicking the link below.

And if you enjoy time-travel stories, please consider checking out Prime Stage Theatre’s new adaptation of Madeline L’Engle’s classic A Wrinkle in Time, which opens this weekend at Pittsburgh’s New Hazelette Theatre. The show will also be available via video on demand. More information is available at

Also, if you are able to attend either Friday’s preview or Saturday’s opening, please drop by our special Mystery Theatre display, where you’ll get the chance to win one of the titles featured in “Time is Out of Joint.”

It’s just one more way that Prime Stage brings literature to life … and to your home.

Until then … get out your clocks, spyglasses, and notepads, and click the link below to join master Sleuth August LaFleur as he attempts to unravel the mystery of a clock-shaped room with 12 locked doors.

I’ll meet you there!