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August 22nd, 2011
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August 26-28

Context 24

The Doubletree Hotel
175 Hutchinson
Columbus, OH 43235

I’ll be presenting the following workshops. Some seats still remain. Please join us if you’re interested. Should be a terrific time!

Friday, August 26

6pm-7:30pm – Building Narrative Tension
Regardless of the genre (SF, fantasy, or horror), narrative tension is crucial to a successful story.  To succeed as writers, we must hold our reader’s interest, keep that reader wondering what will happen next and why, and maintain tension right up to the final page.  Drawing examples from successful stories and novels, this 90-minute workshop provides practical techniques for grabbing and maintaining reader interest. $15. 

8pm-9:30pm – Characterization and Dialogue
This workshop will begin with the basics of dialogue and character development and move forward to explore effective ways of conveying taut, active characterization. $15.


Saturday, August 27

1pm-2:30pm – The Devil is in the Details
When asked where he got his ideas, Anton Chekhov picked up an ashtray and said: “Right here! Tomorrow I shall write a story about an ashtray.” He knew that story details and stories are all around us. The trick lies in selecting and using those details effectively.  This module will reveal those tricks through the careful examination of genre models and writing exercises designed to help you jumpstart your next writing project. $15.

I’ll also be taking part in the following panels: “Balance – in Writing, in Life,” “Making a Living as a Writer,” and “Starting in Writing.” Come join the discussion!

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