Monster Wrangling

June 18th, 2012

We all do it.

Metaphorically, at least.  Life sends us challenges, and we do our best to work them into submission (writers will note the intended pun).

The writing life is full of such challenges, and I’ll be talking about some of them this week when I begin my summer residency at Seton Hill University, where I’ll be presenting thoughts on the craft for the school’s graduate program in Writing Popular Fiction.

I’ll also be addressing the art of monster wrangling in a more specific way, with a three-hour session on monsters in science fiction, fantasy, and horror. The presentation (appropriately titled “Monster Wrangling”) will consider effective ways of anticipating, revealing, and depicting monster by examining scenes from some genre classics. Along the way, I’ll propose some guidelines for describing the indescribable.

Adding to the excitement will be the presence of the summer writing retreat known as In Your Write Mind, which for the last few years has been running concurrently with the summer residency. This year, I’ll be presenting there as well, conducting a Friday afternoon session on the benefits and pitfalls of attending genre conventions.

Also on the schedule is a huge book signing on Friday evening and a Sunday morning session on The Art of Revision – in which we’ll consider how the things that Oscar Wilde knew about the writing process are as valid today as they were in the 19th century.

It all starts this Wednesday, which means I have about three days to wrangle a few more chapters of Vortex, the third book in the Veins Cycle, before heading off to Greensburg.

No rest for the wicked!

Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a big shout out to all the folks who turned out for the Riley’s Pour House show on Saturday. Special guest Lauren Moore joined me during the second and fourth sets, lending her soaring voice to some traditional ballads and pop classics, ranging from “Streets of London” to “Bye Bye Love.”

We’ll soon be working out our July and August events. Watch this space for specific dates.

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4 Responses to “Monster Wrangling”

  1. Sheri Fresonke Harper says:

    Stopped in to say hi even if I don’t get to wrangle with any monsters this term.

    • Lawrence C. Connolly says:

      Sheri: Thanks for dropping by and posting. I trust you’re enjoying your time at SHU. This June seems to be the biggest yet, with both the graduate program and alumni retreat playing host to what looks like record attendance. If you make it to the In Your Write Mind book signing tonight, please drop by and say hello.

  2. So cool, I’m in your class on this topic while looking at your website here! Awesome! Hooyah!


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