The Virtual Real

August 24th, 2012
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I am inspired by the curvature of space. Not necessarily by the vast, physical manner that Einstein postulated early in the last century, but in a more personal, immediately perceivable way. There is something in each of us that allows (and sometimes forces) us to bend the hard-edged realities that we move through and interact with every day.

It’s the condition that philosopher Slavoj Žižek refers to as the virtual real.

[Read more at Awakenings . . . my contribution to a new blog series from FE Books.]

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2 Responses to “The Virtual Real”

  1. Sally Bosco says:

    I posted this comment on the fantasistent website, but I’ll post it here, too:

    This is a great blog post, Larry. I always think about things like this and it definitely does affect my fiction. It’s the thought that reality is a lot more fluid than we’ve been led to believe. I guess that’s the horror writer in me. Good stuff!

    • Lawrence C. Connolly says:

      Great hearing from you, Sally. I’m pleased to hear that the ideas surrounding the virtual real resonate with you.

      Throughout the 20th Century, mainstream fiction was pretty much centered on a preoccupation with the real as being hard-edged and existing apart from human awareness, but now readers and writers at large seem to be developing a new appreciation for the malleability of existence, something that we as genre writers have been clued in to all along.

      Not surprisingly, your most recent novel The Werecat Chronicles conveys an awareness of such things. Indeed, as you say, the virtual real is evident in your fiction.

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