Storytelling @ Riley’s:
Midsummer Night Stories

August 21st, 2014

SONY DSCThere’s something alluring about a good story, and that was certainly clear at our last Storytelling @ Riley’s session. The theme was Midsummer Night Stories, and it featured a night of fine tales from some Riley’s regulars as well as quite a number of volunteers from the audience. Stories included a camping adventure in Cook Forest, an account of a strange discovery in a California orange grove, and story of courage and resourcefulness from Tanzania.

Below are some highlights, offered here as a preview of what you might expect when story night returns next week on August 26, when  Storytelling @ Riley’s will be featuring its first story-night double bill: An Evening of Mannequin Tales and Back to School Adventures.

Our Night of Midsummer Night Stories opened with a return appearance from playwright C. S. Wyatt, who once again proved his storytelling chops by delivering an account of a strange discovery in a California orange grove.

Following C. S. Wyatt was Ann Thomas, a student of civil engineering at the University of Pittsburgh who shared a tale told to her in the wilds of Tanzania.

Rounding out the evening, garden writer Martha Swiss brought us back to Pennsylvania for a story about a strange encounter in the beautiful wilds of Cook Forest State Park.

If you have a story to share, or if you would simply like to join us at one of the most exciting storytelling venues around, please mark your calendar for  August 26. Storytelling starts at 8:00 and continues until Tommy B takes the stage around 9:30. Not to be missed!

Until then, scop on!

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