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The Boys are Back in Town:
Connolly Brothers Band @ Riley’s on July 19

The Fantasia International Film Festival was a blast, and it’s still going. I might have been tempted to stay longer if not for an opportunity to join brothers Mark and John for a recording session in advance of our July 19 show at Riley’s outdoor pavilion.

Usually separated by thousands of miles (with one brother having settled in Colorado, the other in Hawaii) we rarely get the opportunity to record or perform together anymore. Indeed, the Riley’s gig will be the first time all three of us have shared the stage in years. And for this show, to make things even better, we’ll be joined by Connolly-Davis regular Lauren Connolly-Moore on mandolin and nephew Brendan Kuntz on fiddle.

Filling out the ensemble will be brothers-of-other-mothers Duane Davis (bass) and Pace Petrella (drums). Duane, Pace, and I have been performing at Riley’s as Connolly-Davis, but for this show, we’ll unite to form The Connolly Brothers Band.

Music starts at 8:00 PM, and although Riley’s website lists the official stop time as 10:00, we plan to keep going until at least 11:00 — or until we run out of music or Riley’s runs out of Guinness. (Never happen!)

Today’s post is a little late, at least according to the promise I made in my previous installment. I had intended to put together a review of Rusty Cardieff and Darin Scott’s timely and entertaining Tales from the Hood 2the film that played Fantasia the night before I left Montreal.  I still hope to get to that review soon (at least before the film’s official October 2 release).

In the meantime, I’ll hope to see you at Riley’s for a reunion show that has been a long time coming. Can’t wait!


Connolly Brothers Band: Pace Petrella, Duane Davis with Mark, John, and Lawrence Connolly.

Lawrence, Mark, and John Connolly at SoundColor Studio, Carnegie, PA.

Pace Petrella, Lawrence Connolly, and Duane Davis.

Poster for Tales from the Hood 2, Universal Pictures.







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