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Full Circle: Nightmare Cinema in Mexico

Three years ago at the Morbido Film Festival in Mexico, Mick Garris announced his plans for a project entitled Nightmare Cinema. This year – following the film’s strong premiere at Fantasia Fest in Montreal —  Mick returns to Mexico to present a special screening at Macabro XVII in Mexico City. He will be joined by Mexico’s own Sandra Becerril, the writer and director who wrote the Nightmare Cinema episode “Mashit,” directed by Ryûhei Kitamura.

Identifying a starting point for a project with as many moving parts as Nightmare Cinema is a matter of judgment. We could say it all began at the start of principal photography in April 2017, or when Mick first proposed the project to the film’s directors in the summer of 2015, or when Mick first envisioned the project as an international version of the television series Master of Horror in 2007.

Any good story can have a variety of starting points, but for the moment it’s interesting to consider the past three years of Nightmare Cinema‘s journey as it returns to Mexico as a finished film.

The links below cover some of the key developments over the past three years. Some of the post focus directly on the production. Others are more free-ranging. Taken together, they present a personal account of a story that is still ongoing. After the August screening, we will be looking forward to the film’s US premiere and its official commercial release – all of which should come about by the end of the year.

So … the story continues. Please stand by!

Links to the story so far:


  • Mick Garris (center) at Morbido Film Festival in 2015 with Joe Dante (left) and Pablo Guisa Koestinger (right).
  • Promotional art for Macabro XVII.
  • The Nightmare Cinema team on the red carpet at Fantasia Fest. From left to right: Ryûhei Kitamura (director), Jamie Concepcion (actor), Lawrence C. Connolly (writer), Mick Garris (producer/director/writer), Sandra Becerril (writer), R. C. Matheson (writer), Joe Russo (producer), Stephanie Caleb (producer).





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