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Nightmare Cinema: Now on AMC’s Shudder!

November 1st, 2019


Just in time for the Halloween season, Mick Garris’s Nightmare Cinema comes to Shudder — AMC’s streaming platform devoted to the best in horror, thriller, and supernatural films. Now, for a monthly subscription of $4.99, you can watch hundreds of titles in addition to the anthology film that Nightmarish Conjurings has called “an absolute must-see.”

Nightmare Cinema was released to theaters across the US in June and to Region-A DVD and Blu-Ray in September. And, for viewers nostalgic for the 80’s home-video experience, the film has also been released on a special VHS edition (NTSC format) from Witter Entertainment. Now, with its release to Shudder, Nightmare Cinema can be screened by fans in the UK and Canada. In short, there’s never been a better time to join the mayhem.

Need more convincing? Here are samplings from a few recent reviews:

High production value and diverse tales of terror make this a standout horror anthology. —  Jay Krieger, Cultured Vultures

“This Way to Egress” impresses. Feeling like a genuine nightmare with that same kind of illogical logic and terrifying vaguery that frustrates the dreamer, the short follows Helen (Elizabeth Reaser) through a moment of madness set in a doctor’s office that’s increasingly marred with filth and populated by disfigured janitors grunting through their endless cleanup. — Hope Madden, Columbus Underground

The all-encompassing title implies a genre of its own, so it is fitting that so much of Nightmare Cinema draws from then reinterprets the horror visions of filmmakers that have gone before, delivered by Garris and his peers with a true understanding of a horror fan’s fixation. —Simon Foster, Screen-Space


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