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Same Site, New Design

Last week I attended the Confluence science fiction convention in Pittsburgh. I had a terrific time, and I hope to cover the event in more detail soon. But for now, I’d like to consider a point some of the folks were discussing there: Namely, the way digital advancements affect the lives of sf writers.

Case in point, this website.

First launched in 2011 with a fixed-width layout, was designed for viewing on horizontal (16:9) monitors. That configuration worked fine on desktop computers but not cell phones, which allow users to flip to a vertical (9:16) orientation. To address that reality, this site’s new design should make for easy viewing on a variety of screen shapes.

Moreover, as streaming technology allows for the inclusion of high-quality video and audio, this site now features upgraded pages devoted to Audio, Videos, and Music.

Also revamped is this blog site, The 21st-Century Scop, where you’ll find hundreds of posts presented in a fluid, searchable configuration.

And there are plenty of other changes as well, some still being tweaked, but all ready for a test drive. And that’s where you come in. Now that you’re here, why not poke around? Peruse the pages, click the links, and let me know what you think.

Next up, look for a review of last week’s Confluence Convention, including a recap of a lively discussion on the impact of AI on the life of the 21st-century writer.

Until then, scop on!





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