The 21st Century Scop @ SHU

April 12th, 2013
Flashing the Veins sign: students in Michael A. Arnzen’s Horror Writing class welcome the 21st Century Scop to Seton Hill University.

Flashing the Veins sign: students in Michael A. Arnzen’s Horror Writing class welcome the 21st-Century Scop to Seton Hill University. What a blast!

This week the 21st-Century Scop visited Seton Hill University, where four-time Bram Stoker Award winning author Michael A. Arnzen teaches an undergraduate class in horror writing. The students are currently working on horror-related media projects, and Michael invited me to drop by to talk about plugging-in the ancient art of storytelling.

It was a great time.

After a brief  summary of Scop 101, I presented live readings of “Step on a Crack” and “Echoes.”

For “Echoes,” I incorporated projected stills from the Rodney Altman film adaptation of the story. And of course, since it was a 21st-Century Scop presentation, both readings incorporated musical cues.

The students and I also talked about Veins: The Soundtrack and the Voices book trailer, which features the art of World-Fantasy Award nominee Jason Zerrillo (one of my favorite fantasy artists).

But the highlight for me was fielding some terrific questions about writing and media . . . and even getting a chance to pose a few questions of my own.

It was a great time.

The next Scop Stop will be in Morgantown, West Virginia, where I’ll be presenting at the Monongalia Arts Center, 107 High Street, on April 18. The stories begin at 7:00 PM. Hope to see you there!

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  1. Thank you again for not only the powerhouse presentation on scopping, 21st Century-style, but also all your generosity, Larry! Thank you for all the resources shared in this write-up and for allowing me to post the audio capture. You were great. Everyone really appreciated the gift of your presence, most of all. — Mike A.

    • Lawrence C. Connolly says:

      You’re welcome, Mike. I had a great time. Sorry this reply is a bit late. I spent the last month working through the revisions on the new book. Now I’m playing catchup. Give my best to your students . . . and I’ll look forward to visiting SHU again in June. Rock on!

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