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Theatre Stories @ Riley’s (Part 2):
Sean Sears

One of the rewards of hosting Storytelling at Riley’s Pour House is getting the chance to feature the work of both seasoned and up-and-coming performers and showcasing their talents in a single night of spoken word performances. Such was certainly the case on June 24, when Storytelling at Riley’s featured tales by Pete Grubbs, Joe Culiccio, Hazel Leroy, C. S. Wyatt, Clint (who like Cher, Bono, and Sting requires no last name), Michael McBurney (whose story was featured on yesterday’s blog), and Sean Sears (whose story is being featured today).

The theme was Stories from the Theatre.

Sean croppedI first saw Sean Sears perform at Catawba College in North Carolina, where he studied theatre before relocating to Pittsburgh and becoming one of the founding members of the Throughline Theatre Company. Since coming to the city, he has turned in a string of impressive performances at Bricolage, Pittsbrugh Irish and Classical Theatre, and others. He’s a gifted performer and storyteller, as you will hear by clicking on the link below. His story of Munchkin wrangling had the packed house at Riley’s in stitches, and I trust it will do the same for you.

If you’d like to make a comment or suggestions about this blog or Storytelling at Riley’s Pour House, please so so by posting a comment below or dropping me a note via the contact buttons along the upper right of this page. Most importantly, if you live in the Pittsburgh area, please consider attending our next session, which will take place on Riley’s new outdoor stage on July 29. Fittingly, the theme for that night will be Midsummer Night Stories. Hope to see you there.

Now let’s wrangle some Munchkins.

connolly bio blogThe host of Storytelling Night at Riley’s: Bram Stoker Award finalist Lawrence C. Connolly is the author of the Veins Cycle books, the first of which, Veins, has just been released in a special Kindle edition from Fantasist Enterprises.  The third book in the series, Vortex, will debut in print and ebook later this year.





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