Spotlight on All-Star Storytellers:
Joe Coluccio

December 21st, 2014

Joe C photoThe Twelve Days of Story Night continues with a spotlight on another one this year’s top storytellers: Joe Coluccio.

Truly a man for all seasons, Joe is currently the President of Parsec, Pittsburgh’s premier science fiction organization, founded to promote awareness of all aspects of the speculative fiction genre. As part of its mission, Parsec annually sponsors Confluence, one of the country’s friendliest regional sf conventions.

Joe’s additional accomplishments include founding the comedy group Lackzoom Acidophilus, which had a Saturday night show on WYEP-FM (where Joe was an early program director), and a Sunday morning show on WURP-AM. They have also performed at various venues in and around Pittsburgh, including The Decade in Oakland.

A life-long writer and a member of the Pittsburgh writing organization Write or Die, Joe made his Riley’s debut at our Writers on Writing session back in May. His story, which centered on a piece of fiction that took 20 years to write, was a terrific crowd pleaser.

Lawrence C. Connolly performs at Riley's Pour HouseJoe also performed at our Theatre Stories session in June, and we’re delighted to be inviting him back to be part of this month All-Star Story Night on Tuesday, December 30, 8:00 PM.

Other All-Star storytellers will include Michael A. Arnzen, Larry Ivkovich, Owen Kilbane, Michael McBurney, Marlene Pendleton, Karyn Rok, Martha Swiss, Richard “Shaug” Shaughnessy, C. S. Wyatt, and Stephanie Wytovich.

Riley’s Pour House is located at 215 Main Street, Carnegie, PA. I’ll hope to see you there. Until then, make sure to save the date, spread the word . . . and scop on!

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