All-Star Night (Part 2):
Finding Hysteria with Stephanie Wytovich

January 1st, 2015

DSC00036 (152x340) (2)Welcome back! Just in time to start the New Year off with a little hysteria.

Yesterday’s post featured Owen Kilbane and his story about discovering the powers of music in attracting the opposite sex. If you missed it, you will definitely want to go back and check it out. Here’s a link.

Owen’s performance was one of eleven featured at this month’s All Star Story Night at Riley’s Pour House — a night of entertainment that featured some of the best storytellers from Riley’s 2014 series.

Also featured were  Michael A. Arnzen, Joe Coluccio, Larry Ivkovich, Joanne Letcher, Michael McBurney, Marlene Pendleton,  Martha Swiss, Shag, C. S. Wyatt, and Stephanie Wytovich. An amazing lineup, to be sure.

The 21st Century Scop - HysteriaSharing the storytelling trophy with Owen was writer and editor Stephanie Wytovich, who made her third appearance at Riley’s by returning with her story of finding inspiration by voluntarily checking into abandoned mental institutions. It’s just the thing to clear those New Year’s cobwebs and get you alert and ready to face 2015.

Strap yourself in, hit play on the player below, and I’ll hope to see you at Riley’s on January 27, when our theme will be “Resolutions.” Until then, stay sane . . . and scop on!

 Image Credits:
Stephanie Wytovich talks about hysteria.
Hysteria: A Collection of Madness by Stephanie Wytovich, Raw Dog Screaming Press.
– Stephanie with the storytelling trophy.
Photos copyright © 2014 by The 21st-Century Scop.

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