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Prime Stage Mystery Theatre:
“What’s the alternative to looking?”

The image at left is from the recently restored film Sherlock Holmes (1916), starring William Gillette in the first-ever screen portrayal of the master sleuth. The film is currently streaming on Apple TV.

There’s more than one way to find a missing person, but could you do it without actually looking? This week’s episode of Mystery Theatre invites you to consider not one but two prompts that could lead to solving the mystery:

“What is the alternative to looking?”

“What does one do when one doesn’t see?”

Those questions may sound like zen koans, but if you consider the details presented in “The Play’s the Thing” (the latest installment of Prime Stage Mystery Theatre) you might find the answer is entirely practical. And if you know that answer … or if you have a general suggestion about how to find lost things without running in circles, send us your thoughts via (You can also reach out by clicking either the email or Facebook icon in the upper right corner of this webpage).

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And in the end, you might just find that listening is a good alternative to looking.

I’ll meet you there!

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