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Advantages and Pitfalls of Wireless Audio

“I do community theater, and all muting and unmuting is done from the tech booth. Well, every once in a while, if the tech person can’t mute an actor’s mic right away when they leave the stage, the audience catches them saying something like, ‘Well, I really f****d THAT up!’”

The above account, courtesy of Buzzfeed’s “17 Seriously Cringeworthy ‘Forgot To Turn The Mic Off’ Stories,” is one of many that deals with the ways wireless audio has complicated life in the 21st century.

Likewise, the Cosmopolitan article “11 Zoom Confessions That’ll Have You Double-Checking Your Mute Button” features stories about sounds not-intended-for sharing. In one, a contributor relates what happened when she took her laptop to the bathroom only to discover afterward that the “video was off, but audio was on.” Then, to make things worse, she adds: “The meeting was recorded.”

Equally embarrassing, a piece in Elle titled “The Most Embarrassing Zoom Fails People Have Suffered In Quarantine,” relates one of the downfalls of Zoom’s active-speaker mode (which expands your video to full screen whenever you speak). The article includes the confession of a zoomer who writes: “I accidentally burped, and the main screen went to me.”


As an antidote for such cringe-worthy stories, the latest installment of Prime Stage Mystery Theatre’s “The Play’s the Thing” explores how unintended transmission could actually be a good thing. You can check it out by clicking the player below or by finding Prime Stage Mystery Theatre on Apple,  Audible,  Deezer,  Libsyn,  Spotify, or the podcasts page at

Give it a listen. If you like what you hear, be sure to spread the word … just be sure to mute that mic when you’re done.




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