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Celebrating Frankenstein Weekend …
@ The Little Green Bookstore in Zelienople

Yesterday was Frankenstein Friday. That’s according to the website National Today, which as near as I can figure is a site where folks suggest holidays and have them listed for others to celebrate. Though not to be confused with the official holidays and various observances identified on your Google calendar, National Today’s designation works for me. Indeed, I’m glad to take it one step further and regard this weekend as Frankenstein Weekend.

And it seems the town of Zelienople (30 miles north of Pittsburgh) is celebrating too, with both a Frankenstein book event and a screening of Universal Horror films.

Hosted by The Little Green Bookstore, the book event features deluxe editions of Mary Shelley’s classic and a display for Prime Stage Theatre’s upcoming premiere of Frankenstein.

Located at 104 North Main Street in downtown Zelienople, Little Green is a beautiful indie bookshop—the kind of place where you can browse the stacks, chat with people who know and love books, and walk away with your next read without having to wait for it to be delivered by a big blue truck.

While there, you can also pick up copies of my novel Veins and story collections Visions: Short Fantasy & SF and Voice: Tales of Horror. I signed copies of those titles during my visit there this morning, during which I also chatted with local book lovers before stepping across the street to the Strand Theatre, which just happens to be screening some of the Universal classics, including The Bride of Frankenstein.

In all, I can’t think of a better place to celebrate Frankenstein Weekend or a better way to gear up for the opening of Prime Stage Theatre’s Frankenstein on Saturday, November 5.

Come to think of it, maybe we should go ahead and consider next weekend a Frankenstein Weekend as well.

Save the date. We’ll celebrate together.

Above: Outside a screening of the Universal classics with a copy of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Photo by Connie Brinda, Prime Stage Theatre.

Below: The Little Green Bookstore owners Lisa Fico and Christine Border. Photo by Seb Foltz, Butler Eagle.

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