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Frankenstein Week:
Print, Audio, & Video Previews

If this past weekend was Frankenstein Weekend (see my previous post if you have any doubts about that), then this week must be Frankenstein week. At least it looks that way judging from the advanced media attention that Prime Stage Theatre’s all-new production of Frankenstein has been getting.

Out today are previews from three of the region’s prominent news sites: The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Local Pittsburgh, and The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Written by Pittsburgh musician, writer, and journalist L. E. McCullough, the piece in Local Pittsburgh includes an interview along with images from the play and Shelley’s novel. You can read the article here.

Similarly, Shirley McMarlin’s piece in the Trib leads with a picture of Lowe in full-on creature mode, then goes on to provide a discussion of the play’s “double-track” structure, in which “Shelley and her companions become the characters in her story” about Victor Frankenstein. You can read that one here.

Finally (at least for this week’s print publications), The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette identifies Prime Stage’s Frankenstein as one of “Eight fun things to do in Pittsburgh this weekend” (see graphic, above left). Among the other events making their list is a concert by Claudio Simonetti (formerly of the prog-rock band Goblin) celebrating the 45th anniversary of Dario Argento’s Susperia; the Pittsburgh Symphony doing an ABBA tribute at Heinz Hall, and Pittsburgh Musical Theatre’s The Little Mermaid at the Byham Theatre. Something for everyone … but I know where I’ll be.

And those who enjoy a mix of humor and horror can find my interview with stand-up comic and horror personality Greg Hall on his long-running The Funky Werepig Show. You can find it here.

The interview starts about 20 minutes in (for those who want to cut to the chase) and runs about half an hour.

Along the way, we talk all things Frankenstein, touching on Mary Shelley’s novel, the Universal and Hammer classics, and this week’s Prime Stage Theatre premiere (where there’s a chance Mr. Hall himself might make an appearance).

At right: Talking Frankenstein with Greg Hall on The Funky Werepig Show. 

Also out this week is my conversation with Emily Brunner at WQED-FM, which you can catch anytime at their Voice of the Arts podcast, available via your favorite listening app or by clicking the player at the bottom of this post.

The WQED studio in Oakland is right in the heart of my old stomping grounds, and I had a great time visiting the area and seeing how things have changed, one of the biggest being the site of the old Pittsburgh Playhouse, which is now a parking lot flanked by a medical center and a Hampton Inn. It’s also a location that will feature in this week’s upcoming installment of Prime Stage Mystery Theatre.

Above left: With Emily Brunner in front of the WQED studio on Fifth Avenue. 

So anticipation is building for the moment when our all-new Frankenstein comes alive. The show previews this Friday, opens Saturday, and continues through November 13. If you’re in the Pittsburgh area, I’ll hope to see you there.

But wherever you are, if you click the player below, I’ll tell you all about it.




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