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This Week on Mystery Theatre:
Listener suggestions and responses

Ghost light.

It’s the light in a theatre that never goes out.

Some say it’s to keep ghosts away. Others claim it’s to light the stage for dead performers. Still others insist it merely provides illumination for stagehands.

Whatever the case, tonight you enter a darkened theatre to find a figure standing in its glow. The figure seems to be pondering a collection of stage props, but then—as you approach—it vanishes!

Reaching the table, you discover an antique journal you’ve never seen before. Where did it come from? Who was the mysterious figure? And most importantly:

How would you solve this mystery?

That’s the question that concluded last week’s episode of “In the Ghost Light’s Glow,” the new five-act mystery that opens this month’s chapter of the Prime Stage Mystery Theatre podcast.

Right: Theatre goers gather in the ghost light’s glow at our Mystery Theatre display following a performance of Frankenstein

Use the player at the bottom of this page to hear some of the suggestions we received from listeners and to find out how many of those ideas I was able to include in this week’s episode.  Then, if you have a suggestion regarding the conclusion of this week’s show, drop us a note at the Prime Stage contact page … or by reaching out via the social media links above.

Naturally, you can also post a response directly to this blog. And while you’re at it, if you have a ghost story you’d like to share, we’d love to hear it. (We might even feature it on an upcoming installment of Mystery Theatre.)

But for now, to hear this week’s installment, click the player … and I’ll meet you in the ghost light.





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