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New on Mystery Theatre:
Episode 1 of “In the Ghost Light’s Glow”

Following a rehearsal for a play based on the life of Mary Shelley, you return to the darkened theatre to find a mysterious stranger standing on the stage.

Is it a ghost?

An intruder?

And what does it have to do with a collection of props gathered from the theatre’s basement?

One thing’s for sure, this may be the most confounding mystery you have yet encountered.


That’s the setup for Act 1 of “In the Ghost Light’s Glow,” the Sixth Chapter of Prime Stage Mystery Theatre, which is available today at the Prime Stage website or wherever you get your podcasts.

Dropping in advance of Prime Stage’s Frankenstein, the episode also features an interview with director Liam Macik, who talks about his previous Prime Stage productions (playing Lenny in Of Mice and Men, writing and directing The Scarlet Letter, and directing last season’s Arsenic and Old Lace) in addition to offering a glimpse of what to expect at this weekend’s opening.

“There will be a creation scene,” Liam says, highlighting what is often the centerpiece of Frankenstein productions. “And honestly it’s one of the most challenging things I’ve ever directed technically. There are going to be a lot of lights. There are going to be a lot of sounds. And the actors are really doing a great job bringing this moment to living, breathing, screaming life.”

Right: Artist Bernie Wrightson’s creation scene from Marvel Comic’s graphic adaptation of Mary Shelley’s novel.

As for the Mystery Theatre mystery, listeners will again be invited to offer suggestions and solutions, some of which will be highlighted in subsequent episodes. And in addition, folks who attend Frankenstein on opening night can stop by a Mystery Theatre display to examine some of the clues mentioned in Act 1 of “In the Ghost Light’s Glow.”

I’ll hope to see you there!




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