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This Week on PSMT:
The Mystery of the Hidden Key

Last fall, in the final act of Prime Stage Mystery Theatre’s “In the Ghost Light’s Glow,” we discovered a key inside the secret compartment of an old pencil box.

Then, last week, in Act IV of “The Elf in the Wardrobe,” that key made a return appearance as our characters attempted to open a locked wardrobe that they discovered in the basement of the Newtowne Theatre.

And now it seems mystery writer August LaFleur thinks that key will unlock the wardrobe. Unfortunately, the wardrobe has no keyhole, which leaves us with the question: Can a key open a door without a keyhole? And if it does, what new surprise might be waiting inside?

Perhaps, as some of our listeners have already proposed, the answer lies in the number and depth of the cuts on the key’s blade (see picture at left) and how those cuts might align with the design carved into the wardrobe doors. (You can find a picture of that design here.)

Think you can solve this one on your own? Take a moment to consider the clues revealed in our previous episodes, then click the player below to test your skills against those of super sleuth August LaFleur.

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