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A Week of Readings:
HWA, Frankenstein, & Mystery Theatre

The last time I posted about the Pittsburgh Chapter of the Horror Writers Association was back in the halcyon days of 2019 (read that post here) when the effects of pandemics were relegated to films like Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion (2011) or books like John Scalzi’s Lock In (2014) and Stephen King’s The Stand (1978).

Back then, the possibility of a time when Zoom readings would become the primary (perhaps the only) practical venue for authors to meet and share their works never crossed my mind. How quickly things changed.

But now, with new BA boosters available and infection rates trending downward, members of HWA Pittsburgh reunited at a live reading hosted by writer Stephenie M. Wytovich. Held at Point Park University, the event featured readings by Stephanie, Point Park students, and the folks pictured above. (Left to right, they are Michael McGovern, Michael A. Arnzen, the 21st-Century Scop, Douglas Gwilym, Kerry E.B.Black, and Sara Tantlinger.) It was a blast.

This week, I also joined director Liam Macik and actors Stacia Paglieri, Lauren Scheller-Wolf, and Adam Seligson (pictured right) as they presented excerpts from my upcoming adaptation of Frankenstein.

Held on the steps of The New Hazlett Theatre, where the play will open on November 5, the readings were part of Allegheny County’s RADical Days, a month-long program that offers the chance to sample the area’s top cultural destinations free of charge.

Prime Stage Theatre’s production of Frankenstein will preview on November 4, open on November 5, and run through November 13 at the New Hazlett. Click here for more details.

Finally, the week ended with a special preview of “In The Ghostlight’s Glow,” the sixth chapter in Prime Stage Mystery Theatre, which I presented at the International Conference of the Fantastic in the Arts (ICFA). Unlike the other event, the Myster Theatre preview was conducted via Zoom, proving that even though live events have returned, virtual is still a viable option.

All past episodes of Prime Stage Mystery Theatre are available at the Prime Stage website or wherever you get your podcasts. Installments of the new five-act mystery begin November 3. I’ll meet you there!

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